Investing Accelerator Opens, Reverse-Engineer Famous Portfolios

Happy Monday, wealthy people! 

Are you ready to go from beginner to intermediate investor in 10 weeks?

We can finally share that Enrollments for the Investing Accelerator Course+Coaching Program are open! Fewer than 20 slots are now available.

Why offer so few spots?

Because our Investing Accelerator Program is not just a digital course… It includes 1:1 Coaching with a Professional Investor (our founder, Margarita Triantafyllidou, CFA, former Wall Street executive). It’s an absolutely fantastic opportunity that we are excited to be able to offer to a small group of 20 students!

The on-demand course offers a comprehensive guide to long-term investing, from stocks, bonds, index funds and active funds to investing with impact and selecting an advisor or trading platform.

It is packed with IRL examples (In Real Life Examples) and actionable to-do lists to implement the theory you learn immediately and confidently build your wealth.

The on-demand courses span 10 weeks with one course released weekly, starting on Monday, March 25, 2024.

Read the full program details here.

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👉 Ask Me Anything - Is Finance Latte’s 1:1 Coaching providing Investment Advice?

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Grab your latte and let’s get started!

Margarita T., CFA

Founder, Finance Latte


🔍 Reverse-Engineering Famous Investors' Portfolios 📊.

Ever wondered what the famous investors are buying these days? You can find out the answer in what is called the 13F filings—the golden key to peeking into what legendary investors own. 🕵️‍♂️

What's a 13F?

Institutional investors (Every mutual fund or hedge fund manager) managing over $100 million must file a quarterly report (Form 13F) with the SEC (The US regulator that oversees all investment activities).

The report shows in detail what they hold each quarter, giving you a roadmap to deconstruct their latest thinking.

🗂️ Where's the Data?

🌐 SEC Website:, but be ready for data overload. Let’s say you want to find Bill Ackman’s latest buys. There are more than 10 entities tied to him, so you’d have to find the one that has the latest 13F filings, amid the many other forms filed with the SEC).

And not only that, the reports’s format is painfully unhelpful… Let’s say I pull up Berkshire Hathaway’s latest 13F to see what Warren Buffet is buying… The 13F report looks like this 👇

Source: SEC. Not investment recommendations.

🤔 It doesn’t even tell you the % weight in each holding! You would have to calculate it manually. 👎

🚀 Not to worry, there are websites like WhaleWisdom, Alpha Vantage, that transform the above list into something you can actually read and analyze for insights. Here is Berkshire’s report on WhaleWisdom:

Source: Wale Wisdom. Not investment recommendations.

🧐 Interpreting the intel:

You can see Mr. Buffet has 50% of his portfolio in one stock: Apple (Mr. Buffet, we need to have a chat 🙃). You can also see what the most recent trades have been: i.e., what he’s been selling and what he’s been buying.

⚠️ Caveat emptor: The lag factor  

13F filings are a snapshot from the past. What you see is their last move and can be from more than a quarter ago. What an investor did months ago is not always an indicator of what they are thinking today. Always keep that in mind.

🕶️ Master the art of reverse-engineering

It’s all about continuous learning. Learn to put one investor’s opinion into context (i.e., think of each holding in comparison to how they invest, if that appeals to YOUR investment style, etc.). Keep in mind, things change. You can change your mind quickly, and so do most investors. Their trades from 3 months ago do not mean it’s their top trades today.

Go on, then! Uncover the secrets, but remember—investing is an art, not just science. Happy reverse-engineering! 💼


Question: “Is Finance Latte’s 1:1 Coaching providing Investment Advice?”

– Rebecca H.

Answer: “With the Investing Accelerator Course+Coaching Program, you can get up to 10 private coaching sessions (15-minute each) when you finish each course within a week.

The one-on-one calls are there so that we can answer your questions on the materials or other finance-related questions.

However, the 1:1 calls are not meant for personalized investment advice. We are educators, not financial advisors, so we can share with you the research-based principles, but not personalized advice. That means, we will not tell you what stock or fund to buy. That is the job of a financial advisor. No course or coach can offer that.

But what we can do is answer all your questions and be your accountability partner on the road to become an intermediate investor!

– Margarita T., CFA

Got a question for me? Ask it by simply responding to this email.


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